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[24 Apr 2004|06:45pm]

Okay, I just added six logs to the website, detailing Kellen's mystery plot. The conclusion to the plot will be held at 6pm PST, on May 1st. Whee, fun.
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[29 Feb 2004|04:47am]

[ mood | mischievous ]

In a surprising moment at today's Festival for General Rysef, High Priestess Nuri gave the closing speech to the crowd of several thousand celebrants. In it, she called for the renewed unity of all citizens of Ilorim, against subversive elements within.

Here follows the text of her short speech:

//A good morning to all of you, on this day of inspiration. Five hundred and ten years before, Generals Rysef and Ishemir united all our people together, under this flag, to lead our people to victory against the Cestrans.

However, as I sit back, and in my age, consider what I have left for my people, my heart grows weary. The people are divided, between those who would erase our accomplishments and align ourselves with empires beyond the depthless voids, and those who who wish to lie down and do nothing to stop them.

We must not allow that to happen! We all stand on the brink of inescapable change, and it is up to us to open our eyes to the chaos that is developing here, in our own lands, in our own streets. It sneaks into our hearts, and our minds for this battle, dividing us from unity. Too long we have all been lax to the dangers, and it is time to strike back.

In every generation, the bonds that tie us all must be reforged, to keep the world safe from madness. I am here to say that it is not yet to late, that we can hold safe what our ancestors labored to create. It is my greatest honor, if the Gods see fit to stay me, to keep watch for this task.

May the Gods watch over us all, their children.//

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[06 Feb 2004|12:53am]

Fun Links for the Day:

Lab Notes: Great Flaming Reptiles!

Military Power of Dragons

Neither of them quite applicable to Xaen, but good for looking at the possibilities...
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[05 Feb 2004|01:27am]

Summary of recent OOC changes:

We have finished the hatching cycle, but not yet begun another plot. Why? Because the upcoming plot is still being worked out, and also because Desire needs a break in which she can tend to other game things.

Speaking of other game things, in the past week I have uploaded three logs (including the Hatching log) and written a newsfile (+news ilorim food). Changes in prices and lifestyles have been made to reflect this and upcoming newsfiles, and unrelated alterations were made to +news ilorim style.
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[30 Jan 2004|01:50am]

Not at all on topic, buuuut...

Baby Dragon in Jar

Totally realistic. Article here. Via Neil Gaiman.
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[03 Jan 2004|03:19am]

Since the December 20th date and time seemed to work for a vast majority of the game, all the January Events will take place at the same time.
January 10th: 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern. Topic: Lumen Protest
January 17th: 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern Topic: Undecided.
January 24th: 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern Topic: Citadel Festival.

January 25th, midnight: Last day to submit an application for the Hatching. Please check with a member of the SearchCO (Desire, Death, Tromel or Mordecai) if you have concerns or questions.

January 31st: 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern Topic: Hatching.

As the military does not allow strangers to view the hatching, those who wish to participate, but lack a military or potential character should inquire to the SearchCo about NPCing a military official, priestess, or potential.

Candidates cannot bond unless they are connected during the hatching. If you cannot make it, please ask SearchCO or find a friend who can puppet you for the duration.

Thanks, Desire.
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[30 Dec 2003|03:28am]

All citizens of Ilorim City are warned to be on the lookout for a dangerous thief. He is said to be around 4'9 and fifteen years of age, with dark hair, dark eyes, and brown skin. At the time of the crime, he was wearing loose baggy robes and boots.

He is wanted in connection for assault and battery, resisting arrest, and for questioning in the desecration of Lumen artifacts. An expert in dueling and knife-fighting, he should be considered armed and dangerous. Should you see him, please inform your local officers are quickly as possible. Thank you. Together, we can all keep our streets safe.
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[21 Oct 2003|03:13pm]

An Ilorim Gazette exclusive: a round up of the leading candidates to become the newest General of Ilorim.

Colonels Linal Sumardi and Naren: the leading candidates, they served under General Saiel before his untimely demise. Like Saiel and Arel, the dragon in this bond is considered the stronger member of the bondpair, with a keen military intellect and a strict sense of honor and duty. In part because Naren is not seen as particularly approachable, Linal serves as the public face for his opinions, and the man is well-liked among portions of the City Council. They stand for a stronger military presence, and a return to active warfare, among them a return to the Aissa Penninsula. Although their opinions on Lumen have never been publicly stated, several people have overhead both rider and dragon make disparaging remarks in regards to its existence, and as such they can not be considered supportive.

Colonels Moia Hadill and Xaloni: close behind Linal and Naren in esteem and opinion in the Citadel is this pairing. They currently serve in Ashalla, largest city on the Western Shore, and Lumen stronghold. It is rumored that because of Colonel Moia's generous ties to the local Lumen churches, and thus the Archbishop, that she is the favored choice from that sector. Moia favors a return to the lax public patrols of yore, a reduction in involuntary drafting and the continued status quo of the eastern Cestran border. Her dragon, Xaloni, stays out of the political arena altogether, and concentrates on ensuring that the public functions of her part of the West stay calm and orderly.

(Ret.) Colonels Kierrn Idolaran and Raien: After being retired from the military due to permanent damage received on the battlefield, both long for a return to combat. They fought under the late General Saiel, and had an exceptionally strong record before the accident that led to their retirement. Both strong and active supporters in areas of military concern and draconic culture, little is known about their stance on Lumen save for that a grandson of theirs is entering the priesthood. While frequently mentioned in rumors, few believe that they have a serious shot at returning to active duty.

Colonels Perys Latechi and Sahet: Based in the northwestern forts, these two are politely considered insane by most of those in power. Placed there after a notable drunken revelry that interrupted Dha'alian revels, both Colonels are still well-liked among noble Dha'alian social circles for their entertaining wits and cutting sense of fashion. From time to time they pop up in the Capital City on vast spending sprees, during which they are a gourmet's best customer, and the couturier's favorite model. Long considered visionaries, in recent years their inventions in policy and tactic have turned outward, to such hair-brained ideas as draconian colonies on Sedoc, and mechanics to give the ordinary human wings.
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General Saiel's Funeral [30 Sep 2003|10:15pm]

General Saiel's Funeral

What was a peaceful ceremony for the departed General was marred by chaos more than a third of the way in. Rounding the bend into Trentino Square, a noted Lumen portion of the city, the procession was accosted by several teens, now known to be the children of some of the most prominent Lumens in the City. Throwing rocks and chanting slogans based on Lumenite scripture, the ruffians managed to injure thirteen bystanders and three bondpairs, including a priestess.

Whipping many of the youth in the crowd into a frenzy, the teens managed to halt the procession for several moments, while police officers struggled to maintain order. The Light of Ilumel, a nearby church, offered sanctuary to as many of the fleeing observers as possible. Eventually, under heavy coverage by the officers protecting it, the procession made it out of the Square and continued on its route without further event.

Six young men, and one female, have been detained in the Jail, charged with multiple counts of incitement to riot, disrespect to a religious event, and assault. Their hearing in court is scheduled for Yanan 50, (Vaev 20th).
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Obit: General Saiel [08 Sep 2003|10:07pm]

Obituary: General Saiel

The Ilorim Gazette has just learned from a reliable source: General Saiel has died at the front. A sudden, but not completely unexpected death, General Saiel was widely rumored to have trouble flying since the Battle for the Aissa Peninsula, over thirty years before. The esteemed blue dragon reportedly died at the front from an aerial mishap during a tactics session. His bondless rider, Arel, has chosen to retire from active duty and take up the priesthood within the Citadel.

Saiel will be remembered by the people of Ilorim for his quick thinking in battle. When just a lieutenant at the Battle for the Aissa Peninsula, he managed to save his unit and his warriors several times from traps sprung by the treacherous Cestrans. When his commanding officer and two other bondpairs were captured during the convoy retreat, Saiel and Arel went back for them. The two single-handily slaughtered twelve of the grassdwellers in their sleep, rescuing their commander and the bondpairs in almost complete silence. This was the first of many achievements in combat that would lead to his eventual promotion, as well as his favorable reputation among all riders and their dragons.

Saiel was a tireless advocate for a stronger military presence in our beautiful cities. His successor is expected to be Colonels Linal and Naren, although other officers are said to be vying for the position.

His funeral will be a military holiday for all citizens living in Ilorim City, and his procession is to be held as soon as the body arrives at the Citadel.
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[28 Aug 2003|09:19pm]

Since there currently isn't an art/reference section of the site, and I'm loathe to add another category until I redesign it. It needs a better navigation system, and maybe I'll do a different color scheme.

So I'll post these here. These are reference photos drawn by the lovely Death, for Dragons and Saddles.

Dragon and Saddle.
Saddle-- side view
Saddle-- top view
Sturrup Detail
Buckle Detail
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[25 Aug 2003|10:23pm]

Recent Posts to the XaenMUSH "Ilorim Gazette":

Crime Report:

Two of Ilorim's finest police officers caught and apprehended a vile thief today. The thief, Olam Jobarin, is accused of ripping gold filigree off of the carriage of Councilman Pazarin today. The crime occurred in broad daylight in the middle of Quincunx Plaza. Although there was an alarm, Jobarin managed to slip past the military patrol with ease, leading to a city wide manhunt. He was apprehended several hours later in a tavern nearby.

Small Article in Back of Page:

(An article on the back page of the "Ilorim Gazette.")

An arrest made by police officers turned out to be false and the charges dropped. The accused thief, one Olam Jobarin, languished in jail for three weeks before investigators finally opened up his case and found that Mr. Jobarin had a solid alibi for the entire day in which he supposedly stole some gold filegrie off the carriage of a passing noble. The "thief" was arrested in a bar and later found to have a large amount of money in his pockets. "I'd been having a good day on Market Street, so I went out to celebrate," Mr. Jobarin told the Gazette. "When the cops came in and started searching people, I knew it would look suspicious for me to have a lot of money, and because I was nervous they assumed it was me. But they didn't even search me before they hauled me off to the jail."

A spokesman for the military announced that Ilorim City Defense Unit One, the police unit whose officers were responsible for the false arrest, will be placed under probation, and the commanding officer Tromel Chekra reprimanded for his carelessness. Commented Mr. Jobarin, "This experience has seriously damaged my respect for the police of this city. I just don't feel safe anymore."
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