Tori Morris (skywaterblue) wrote in xaenmush,
Tori Morris

General Saiel's Funeral

General Saiel's Funeral

What was a peaceful ceremony for the departed General was marred by chaos more than a third of the way in. Rounding the bend into Trentino Square, a noted Lumen portion of the city, the procession was accosted by several teens, now known to be the children of some of the most prominent Lumens in the City. Throwing rocks and chanting slogans based on Lumenite scripture, the ruffians managed to injure thirteen bystanders and three bondpairs, including a priestess.

Whipping many of the youth in the crowd into a frenzy, the teens managed to halt the procession for several moments, while police officers struggled to maintain order. The Light of Ilumel, a nearby church, offered sanctuary to as many of the fleeing observers as possible. Eventually, under heavy coverage by the officers protecting it, the procession made it out of the Square and continued on its route without further event.

Six young men, and one female, have been detained in the Jail, charged with multiple counts of incitement to riot, disrespect to a religious event, and assault. Their hearing in court is scheduled for Yanan 50, (Vaev 20th).
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